Shore Tours

You can find Kusadasi Shore Excursions and Day Trips, Tours. Kuşadası is a cosmopolitan beach resort on Turkey’s Aegean coast. With a kaleidoscope of sea, sand and culture and only 20 minutes away from the stunning classical ruins of Ephesus (or Efes).  Kusadasi it’s also a major cruise ship destination and guided private tours are available from the port or your hotel. The seafront promenade, marina, and harbour are awash with lovely hotels and beautiful restaurants.  Kus in Turkish means Bird and Adasi means Island hence the name Kusadasi (Bird Island).  If you prefer to mix your Ephesus visit with nightlife and sea views rather than the rustic ambience of Selçuk, then Kuşadası could be the right choice. Offering some fantastic hotels and restaurants, a surprisingly nontraditional bazaar and two quieter old quarters on private tours of Kusadasi.  The many bars and nightclubs are heaving most nights with a fantastic mix of locals and tourists. You will certainly have fun in Kusadasi!