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The ground on İzmir has been serving humanity since the Neolithic period. It has witnessed the Ionians, Hellenes, and even the Roman Empire. Numerous cultures have acknowledged and regarded Izmir as one of the most magnificent places. It became a religious center for Byzantine Empire. Later on, under Turk sovereigns, Izmir expanded its presence as a port city thanks to being the overseas trade center for Ottomans. Thus, although the city has played an essential role in world history, it has been a significant heritage for Turkish history. Many things changed and developed as the city being overtaken by one nationality to another, indeed. The same applied to the name of the city. Don’t get surprised if you hear the name of Smyrna for Izmir! In ancient times, Greeks and other nationalities referred to the city Smyrna, which shifted to Izmir during the reign of the Republic of Turkey.