Scala Nuova Beach Hotel

Welcome to Scala Nuova Beach Hotel

Located in Yavansu District, Scala Nuova Beach Hotel offers guests the serene waters of Kuşadası.

General Features: The hotel comprises 8 floors and boasts 2 elevators. *Minibars are provided empty, except for water, and can be stocked for a fee upon guest request. *Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the hotel. *Pets are not permitted.

Emphasizing guest satisfaction with an innovative service concept, our facility enhances your holiday experience with its proximity to historical sites. Situated on the seafront, our hotel welcomes guests with an All Inclusive concept, featuring 98 rooms, an outdoor pool, and a sandy and pebble beach.

Located in Aydın Kuşadası's Yavansu District on the waterfront, our hotel is 3 km from the bus terminal, 90 km from Izmir Airport, 4 km from Bar Street, and 4 km from Kuşadası Center.