Club Resort Atlantis

Welcome to Club Resort Atlantis!

At Atlantis, you can immerse yourself in the magnificent blue of the Aegean Sea and its cool waters at three exclusive beaches. The first is the "Blue Flag" beach on Akkum, where you can enjoy swimming and water sports. The second beach, ideal for those seeking tranquility with its breathtaking view where Sığacık meets the Aegean, and the third is a famous beach located in a private cove with a fifty-meter waterfall. Breathing in the clean sea air in the early morning can replenish your energy. It's the perfect time to step out onto a balcony extending towards the blues of the Aegean! On one side, you have the unique blue of the Aegean, and on the other, the fresh air of Atlantis. Are you ready to find peace in the unique meeting of green and blue in serene Sığacık? We find it crucial to offer you natural, local, and additive-free products throughout your holiday, along with introducing you to the clean, deep blue sea. In our organic garden at the holiday village, we pick fresh peppers, cucumbers, and greens in the morning from local seeds and serve them to your taste at breakfast. We add color and flavor to our buffets with vegetables and fruits obtained from the fertile lands and local producers of Seferihisar, İzmir. If you long for delicious, natural, simple meals and want to nourish not only your stomach but also your soul, you are at the right address.