Anda Barut Collection

Welcome to Anda Barut Collection!

Discover Anda Barut Collection, located on the Delice Peninsula in Didim, offering a harmonious blend of stylish architecture, untouched nature, and exclusive services. Enjoy the crystal-clear sea, luxurious beaches, exquisite dishes, and unforgettable experiences as you explore the mesmerizing beauty of Didim. Accommodation options at Anda Barut Collection are diverse and meticulously designed for comfortable stays, featuring stylish details for guests of all ages. The adult-only zone at Anda Barut Collection offers spacious rooms, refined restaurants, and many other amenities. Indulge in tranquility and romantic moments with private pools and stylish accommodation options in a serene space surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Aegean region. In the family zone, carefully designed for a pleasant stay with family, there are plenty of enjoyable details for guests of all ages. Seven à la carte restaurants offering Turkish and world cuisines and colorful bars await you. Anda Barut Collection offers a brand-new accommodation experience enriched with personalized privileges to add color to your holiday.