City Point Beach & SPA Hotel Didim

Welcome to City Point Beach & SPA Hotel Didim!

City Point Beach & Spa Hotel, located on Altınkum Beach, offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand at its private beach while experiencing the 24-hour All-Inclusive concept. Whether you choose to cool off by the pool or enjoy refreshing drinks specially prepared for you, you'll find relaxation and indulgence throughout your stay.

With a capacity of 192 rooms and 610 beds, City Point Beach & Spa Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Didim, ensuring ample accommodation for guests. The hotel delights guests with a selection of world cuisine, curated by talented chefs who prepare special dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Throughout the day, you can enjoy cold or hot beverages of your choice at one of the bars, perfect for leisurely conversations with your loved ones.

City Point Beach & Spa Hotel is dedicated to providing you with the utmost comfort and tranquility you seek during your holiday. The hotel and its staff are committed to ensuring that your stay is memorable and enjoyable.