Büyük Truva Hotel

Welcome to Büyük Truva Hotel!

Çanakkale... One of the oldest settlements in history with the longest history. Büyük Truva Hotel is one of the longstanding hotels of Çanakkale Province for 50 years. With its peaceful architecture and magnificent beauty of the strait, it takes pride in serving you throughout all four seasons with its experienced staff.

Büyük Truva Hotel is the place where you can feel the history of this magnificent place to the outmost. Authentic architechture and various showcases presented in the hotel will help you with that. This hotel prides itself on a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, featuring a rich selection of meals from both Turkish and Western cuisines, all prepared by our chef's special menu. Your evening dining experience can be enhanced with live music performances. 

The hotel also offers entertainment activities for its guests, such as game room. A corner of enjoyment where you can spend time with games such as chess, backgammon, darts, and more. For families with kids there is a children's play park with cute animals and cartoon characters that will capture their interest.