Club Cactus Paradise

Welcome to Club Cactus Paradise!

Cactus Paradise Hotel is located in Gümüldür, one of Izmir's most popular holiday destinations. With its beachfront location, fully sandy beach, and 210 spacious rooms, it offers a comfortable and luxurious environment where guests can both relax and have fun, enjoying themselves by the beach and poolside. Surrounded by historical and cultural richness such as the ancient city of Ephesus, Gümüldür Nature Park, the House of Virgin Mary, ancient Greek temples, and tours to Samos or Chios Islands, the hotel offers proximity to Urla for activities like wine tasting, visiting shopping centers, boat tours in the turquoise Aegean Sea, and outdoor opera and ballet performances for a full day of adventure. For guests seeking adventure, our Yalı Castle Aquapark is just 200 meters away, providing all-day water fun.

During your stay, rejuvenate your soul with spa treatments and massages, enjoy a comfortable sleep experience akin to being above the clouds, engage in fun daytime sports and evening animation activities, dine at restaurants with sea views and delicious meals from award-winning international cuisine. Cactus Paradise offers a variety of fun activities throughout the day including beach volleyball, aqua gym, soccer, zumba, darts, aerobics, and more, as well as evening entertainment like musical nights, rock concerts, folkloric evenings, comedy, dance shows, and mini disco.