Didim is one of the most beautiful resorts located on the west coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea crystal waters. Didim, which takes its name from ancient Didyma, a large number of sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters. A short distance away are several beautiful sights such as Bafasea and the Temple of Apollo. Didim is a vibrant Turkish city.

If you are considering buying property in Didim, Turkey has much to offer.There is a successful tourist industry and the city has benefited economically from all the tourists who annually visit it.The money has been invested in a new hospital, improved roads and a wide range of facilities for your enjoyment.Didim is a busy resort which has been responsive to tourists' needs, and has thus evolved into a place where there is plenty to do both day and night.

With golden sands and turquoise waters disappear stress and demands of modern society, when you relax and enjoy in the Aegean sun.Didim is one of the most beautiful resorts in Turkey and appreciated by both the European and Turkish tourists.Situated on the Aegean Sea crystal waters at the mouth of Akbuk bay lies Didim close to the airports of Bodrum and Izmir.

The resort has grown directly behind the beach and Didim is really the beach area while the city's name is actually Didim. Most locals who work there speak English and the center is full of restaurants and bars that satisfies both Turkish and international flavor.

The main beach in Didim called First Beach (First Beach) is a large bay of golden sand and very shallow water and are therefore very popular.There are more beaches, left and right on First Beach.Water sports are common, so there is always something to watch or participate in.

Didim is receiving a large number of returning guests and group travelers. Dolphin Square (Dolphin Square) and large parts of the city have been renovated and look great. Along the main road between Didyma and Altinkum are several supermarkets, making it easy to purchase the food. Sunday Bazaar is located on the outskirts of the city. In Didim's old city and Didyma's Temple of Apollo.

Since Didim has developed into a lively city with plenty to do both day and night, we have chosen to offer properties to suit all tastes and that are both near the center and a short distance away.

Places of interest
The ruins of the Ionic Temple of Apollo with its columns pointing up into the sky and its legend of the romance between Apollo and Daphne is nearby. The original temple and home of an oracle was destroyed during the Persian wars and the one we see today was rebuilt following the victory over the Persians of Alexander the Great.

Miletos, the ruins of the ancient city including a well-preserved antique theatre, stadium, baths of Faustina, temple of Serapis and much more.

Denizköy VLF Transmitter, a transmitter of the US military with 2 380 metres tall guyed masts.

Ephesus, Virgin Mary, Pamukkale,Izmir and Bodrum is close to Didim and are all well worth a visit.