Pamukkale (Hierapolis) Tour

Welcome to Pamukkale (Hierapolis) Tour

Pamukkale which is named as Hierapolis in ancient time, is not only one of the Turkey’s most impressive tourism center but also the world’s center with many historical places. Pamukkale taking place in the ‘UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List’ was so famous in antique age. Also, Pamukkale is called a Holy City in Archeological literature, because there were many temples and religious buildings in Hierapolis. The springs have been used as a spa since the second century BC. The travertine features have their origins in the shifting of a fault in the valley of the Menderes river. As the fault shifted, very hot springs with a very high mineral content (notably chalk) arose at this location. In addition to interesting Roman and Byzantine ruins, the site offers a thermal Sacred Pool in which you can swim with ancient artifacts, a view of the spectacular white terraces of Pamukkale, and a good museum.