Traditional Turkish Bath Tour

Welcome to Traditional Turkish Bath Tour

While this culture based on the Roman Empire, the tradition is completely associated with the Ottoman and Turkish culture. When you take this traditional attraction, you can enjoy an authentic experience, relax your muscles, rest in a steam bath, refresh your body, get peeling, lots of body massages, aromatherapy, etc. You’ll find yourself like you are living in a palace or pavilion on that era, and experience the culture and traditional rituals in an impressive and authentic atmosphere. The environment can be considered as you are in shrine of healing, relaxation and purification with the sprit of water. The environment inside is warm and lets your whole body and muscles relax. When you get to the hammam, you’ll start your day with a personal care kit comes with an Ottoman style basin in gold plate, private bath gloves (“kese” in Turkish), olive oil soap and several accessories. You can than choose from several packages and rituals such as traditional body scrubbing, relaxing bubble wash, aromatherapy massage, face masks, body care, peeling, etc. At the end of your hammam period, you’ll definitely have a unique experience and feel yourself like a Sultan.