Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel

Welcome to Flora Garden Ephesus

You are in the right place if you fancy enjoying the sunset on The Love Beach of the coast of Kuşadası Davutlar famous for its unprecedented natural beauty. Enjoy and let mego under star-studded skies while relaxing with eucalyptus trees.The hotel is composed of Flora and Garden buildings and it aims at serving on an individual basis as opposed to the conventional understanding of the holiday. The facility is designed to serve families with children and couples who fancy having a romantic vacation. Flora Garden Ephesus comprises 240 rooms spread over an area of 13.000 m² and offers you the most exclusive vacation with its superior location.

Located on the seafront, the hotel offers its exclusive fine sandy beach. Sun beds,sunshade, and beach towels are free of charge. Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and public areas. Davutlar Located within the boundaries of Guzelcamli city, the National Park is a special place that reflects the presence of turquoise in the most beautiful way You can reach the hiking bicycle park in the deserted scenery.